Friday, 10 July 2009

Some pieces from my trip

Well, now I'm home and I wish I could say I had lots of pictures to show you. But no. Some bastards wanted it differently when they broke into our house the night before our last day and stole all they could find of expensive things. Which included my portable harddisc with all my pictures from not only the holiday, but also from throughout my whole digital photography-time. So yeah, to put it dramatically, I got stolen away my memories from the last 6/7 years. I know it's stupid of me to take with me my whole backuup portable harddisc, but I just didn't have anything else to put my pictures on. So now I'm planning on buying two, since the price are so much lower than what it was the time I bought the stolen one. ANYHOW------

Here are SOME pics which I hadn't deleted from my camera before the break in (thank God for me having the camera safe in my room upstairs) and some which we took afterwards just to have something from the place.

And yeah, by the way. I loved the trip! I can't remember the last time I were that relaxed! It was fun, nice and exciting. ♥
Me diving

The livingroom and kitchen where we lived

Me by the pool

We baptised this little turtle for "Siesta" since we ONLY saw him during siesta-time.

Me and my boyfriend by the reeeeally hot beach.

I like pretty rocks. They're pretty.

Runa hitting waves

Me being HAPPY!

Oh, the nights were so pretty and romantic! Too bad I ruined the romantic moments by being glued to my camera all the time. But can you blame me for not wanting to share this?

The mornings were almost prittier than the nights. I woke up really early the day we left to take some pictures.


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