Thursday, 30 July 2009

Emma Watson Cover in Teen Vogue

This is why I don't like living in Norway all the time. I don't get things straight away. Like for example this month's Teen Vogue. It's one thing with being almost a year behind in fashion in general (that really sucks), but also the magazines comes out late. Yes, yes, they have to be sent from the different countries, blabla, but I've read about this cover for aaages, and I still can't find it in any shops nearby. I'm not that much into the Harry Potter acterers, but these pictures really stood out. They're gorgeous! And she's gorgeous too, by the way.

I'm sorry

I've been out of town the last couple of days. No phone (I sorta managed to drop it... not that I'm sad or anything, since it was crap anyway and now I'm buying myself a new and BETTER one) and no internet and no nothing. But it was all good. I was visiting my grandma, so I had lots of fun. I like her. She's so young for her age! So now I'm back and my hair is all curly (I let her use her creativety with her curling...thingies). And my chest feels a ton lighter. Since we talk so much. All the time. I know this doesn't have that much to do about neither fashon nor pictures, but it's all I can think of talking about right now. Give me a day or two to pick up the new waves of fashion, and I'm back on track. Not that I was that much "on track" earlier, but I'm getting there. I hope, haha. I'm putting up a picture of the twilight-boys. Since, well, yeah, that's who I've been reading about the last couple of days. Like... reading a lot.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Here are the pictures from today's photoshoot

Finally some Shooting!

I've finally had a photoshoot again! It feels sooo good! I'm gonna post some of them here later, I'll just have to look through them and edit them first. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the wonderfull behind-the-scenes-pictures that were taken.
I had to get on a container to try some different angeling, but it was too scary to jump down on my own.

My boyfriend had the job on holding the shiny thing I don't know what's called.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Todays Outfit

Well yes, finally lazy me managed to take some photos of what I was wearing. Something old, something new and something inbetween. Don't have that much to say these days. I'm too busy reading eclipse (book #3 in the Twilight-saga). I'll get back to planet earth in some couple of days. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after. Depends on how much I'm doing.

Monday, 13 July 2009

My birthday

Today I'm 19! And today I'm gonna bake a cake all by myself without any guidance (you wouldn't believe how greatly I suck on baking anything). I even had a nightmare last night that I didn't manage to bake it in time and had to run back and forth to the grocery-store. I hope it won't happen in real life. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Shooting for the Stars

I am really looking forward to the future. I'm excited but in the same time very scared. The path I want to take my career in, takes so much, and you really have to be good and intense to get where you want to be. You might already know that I am talking about fashion photography. It's a tough career-path to be in. So I've heard a million times. But still there are something in me that want it so bad, no matter how hard it is. It's fashion! For me it's the only thing that is my passion. Without it I'm nothing. I think about it every day. I dream of one day be the one that takes pictures for Vogue and the big fashion industries. Be one day the one people want to hire for their big photoshoots with some big dresses. That's a dream I'm not alone to have. How many thousands wants the same thing? It's oh too many. So that makes me think. What can I do to stand out from all those thousands? I got my hopes up a nodge when I ended up as one of the 30 best out of 300 photographers who tried to get in to my school. And that without an education in the field. But that's only 300. And that's only in Norway. Was that "luck" or was it a hint on what my future might bring? Who knows. I honestly have no idea what to think or what to expect. Maybe I will be successfull. Maybe I'll end up in the local weekly paper. I've picked up some hints from everywhere on what to do and what to expect. But I guess I won't know how it's like till I'm there. In the meantime I'm gonna do all those things others have done and a bit more. I hope I one day will get it all just right. And that I will end up happy with whatever I end up doing. I didn't end up as a designer (which was my first dream), but maybe I'll end up as the one shooting for the designers.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Look what I found! Haha, I want that haircolor again. It's so... RED!

A warning

In less than a week I'm going to the Harry Potter premiere. So I'm gonna warn you with me tending to get a LITTLE obsessed by Harry Potter after that (and maybe the days before). It's been two years since the last movie came out, and I remember so well how bad me and my friend got by it. Searching for every picture and movieclip we could find. Drawing and reading, talking and talking and most of all OBSESSING! God, I hope I won't get that bad this year, but who knows. I really love Helena Bonham Carter's character "Bellatrix LeStrange". It might be because Helena is so beautiful that I would love any character.I drawed it two years ago... It's supposed to be Nymphadora Tonks.

When you wear sunglasses, you're cool

Two pics of me and my boyfriend. This is what happens when you have nothing to do at 2 o'clock in the morning (the collage-thingy. The pictures themselves were taken in Spain some days ago).

Friday, 10 July 2009

Some pieces from my trip

Well, now I'm home and I wish I could say I had lots of pictures to show you. But no. Some bastards wanted it differently when they broke into our house the night before our last day and stole all they could find of expensive things. Which included my portable harddisc with all my pictures from not only the holiday, but also from throughout my whole digital photography-time. So yeah, to put it dramatically, I got stolen away my memories from the last 6/7 years. I know it's stupid of me to take with me my whole backuup portable harddisc, but I just didn't have anything else to put my pictures on. So now I'm planning on buying two, since the price are so much lower than what it was the time I bought the stolen one. ANYHOW------

Here are SOME pics which I hadn't deleted from my camera before the break in (thank God for me having the camera safe in my room upstairs) and some which we took afterwards just to have something from the place.

And yeah, by the way. I loved the trip! I can't remember the last time I were that relaxed! It was fun, nice and exciting. ♥
Me diving

The livingroom and kitchen where we lived

Me by the pool

We baptised this little turtle for "Siesta" since we ONLY saw him during siesta-time.

Me and my boyfriend by the reeeeally hot beach.

I like pretty rocks. They're pretty.

Runa hitting waves

Me being HAPPY!

Oh, the nights were so pretty and romantic! Too bad I ruined the romantic moments by being glued to my camera all the time. But can you blame me for not wanting to share this?

The mornings were almost prittier than the nights. I woke up really early the day we left to take some pictures.