Thursday, 18 June 2009

Rain come Spain

I wish I could have a photoshoot right now. And many more. I'm so in the mood for some shooting, but noone other than myself to shoot, and that's rather boring. But I'm trying to pull something together with a friend of mine before I'm leaving to Spain. Oh yeah, by the way, I'm going to Spain on tuesday, and will be there in two weeks with my boyfriend and his family. I can't wait to get into the sun and to dip my toes in water that are not in the temperature of minus-something-Norway-like. I hope I don't get that burned though. I'm so pale that I have to be extra carefull. That sucks, cause all I really want to do is run around on the beach without thinking about covering up for the sun. AND I also hope for RAIN! Yes, you heard me! I'm known for my weird fascination of rain. Even here in bitterfrozen Norway I like it, so you can imagine the delight of experiencing rain somewhere it actually is warm! Oh, it's gonna be so good.

The pictures above are all mine from a lovely, rainy day.

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