Thursday, 4 June 2009

Productive day

I feel so productive! Even though I haven't done all that much, as usual. But I've got some plans and ideas for some new photoshoots, either with myself (I'd prefer not. Am tired of seeing my own face on screen all the time) or with a model, if I find one. Maybe I'll do a test-shoot with myself first, to see how the idea fits with reality. So what I'm doing right now, is searching for models. There has to be SOMEONE that wants to be my model, right (that's not my friend, haha)?

Onto another business. I sort of fell into these wonderfull pictures today and searched up the designer of the clothes. I'm too much of a newbie in the fashion-critique-world to come with a good and professional comment, so I'll just leave it with one that says: This is some cool shit that I really want to wear right now!
The designer is Maria Francesca Pepe, and the pictures are from her S/S 09-collection.

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