Monday, 1 June 2009

Now that I'm becoming a photographer...

...I'm thinking of whom I would like to have a photoshoot with when I'm getting big and famous. And right now there's only three of them big stars I want shot with my camera.

It's him. The one and only Calvin Harris. The colourful man with the humor I love so much (You would love it too if you saw his videos on youtube about a year ago. Unfortunately for you -and me, Calvin removed those videos, and left us with only the one about how to make fly-eyes-spectacles. But it's okay, since it's so hilarious it makes all the pain go away). And he's cute too!
Then it's them. They're sorta on the top of my list, but they're not on the top alphabetically. It's Daft Punk. My band, my love, my everything (Oh I just HAD to take that line). They're french, cute (if the pics I have of them is the right ones. They like being hid behind masks) and make so cool music, people on their shows get orgasms (or at least some on youtube has clamed so). They're my comfort when I'm sad and my inspiration when I want to do something special. I'd do anything to have a photoshoot with them and let them talk to me with their cute, french accent (Every french have a cute french accent in my head).
And then we have a she. Yes, it's a girl! She's a bit cute as well. Not as cute as Calvin Harris though, but he's hard to compete with anyway. It's Peaches Geldof. YES I DO HAVE A THING FOR DJ'S! I admit it! But I liked her before I knew she was a DJ. It was just a big plus for later on. Why I like this girl? Well, I sorta always have. Her style is so chill that I just want to jump into every picture and chill out with her. And she's one of the FEW that actually can pull off hairbands like that. I tried it two years ago, and it just didn't work out. It's just a hint to everyone else that is still trying. You have to be extremely cool to pull something like that off.

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