Monday, 22 June 2009

My Inspiration

Today I'm packing for my trip to Spain. So for the next two weeks, you'll probably not hear that much from me.
And since I still have that hunger of fashion which I won't be getting from the dear beloved internet, I'll have to do it the old-fashion way. With glue, scissors, some magazines and a scrapbook. I have several books already which I have fun with quite often (not that often after fashion-blogs got popular though). One for clothes and clothes only, and one for about everything else. I have one big book too, with the big pictures in, but it takes sooo much glue, that I never really bother to put something in it. Well, anyway, here are two of my books. The clothing-book and the everything-else-book. I'll have to go back to packing!


Runa Bergitte said...
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Frk. Freken said...

What a pretty little book! :3
I suddently became so inspired!..