Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Photographer me!

Today is a wonderfull day! I've been accepted to the school I wanted so much to get in to! It's amazing, I can't believe it! And the most unbelieveable of it all, is that I didn't have any other education in photography before this school (which they said was needed). I'm in heaven. Or at least a place where I'm not thinking straight. Hehe.

AND my Blurb-book has been shipped today, so soooon sooon I'll get my photobook which I long so much after (Which all is thanks to Sandra Beijer, since she came with the tip on her blog - which is like my bible these days)!

AND AND AND I'm done with almost all of my final exams! I only have one left, which isn't until june! So there is no homework anymore, and no snow and no stupid grading on my work or ANYTHING! Not even the nervous thinking about what would become of me when the fall comes! Because... I'M IN! HOORAY! ♥

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Amanda said...

GRATULERER!! Du er kjempeflink:D