Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Today I cried

Totally out of the blue. Or not totally. I didn't mean for it to happen. I got a message from the school I'm trying to get in to today. They said I can get an interview with them. I don't really know if they do that to all of their applyers or if they select the top hundred or something, but the fact that I got that message just were so unexpected. I've convinced myself so bad that I won't get a place on that school since I don't have any education in photography behind me. So when I got that message, I didn't know what to think. I were so happy and terrified at the same time that I hugged my boyfriend in the middle of the classroom and started crying. It was kinda embarrasing, but in the same time it showed people -and myself- how much I actually want this. I've never cried of happiness before. Not in this kind of setting. Oh my, I'm a bit shocked myself. I really really want this, and it is first today that I realised it. Oh well. Let's hope I'll make it pass the interview. That would be nice. After all I'm gonna dump one school because of this one. It better turn out well.

Teehee! ♥

(P.s. The picture on top is toooootally random. It's me and my boyfriend last saturday on his birthday. Bad picture, but the only one I have of me and him that's not horrible or from 2008)

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