Thursday, 23 April 2009

To do something illegal

Yes, today I did something illegal. I did something I've promised myself not to do. I went to a really overprised shop just to watch. I should never have done that, since now I'm trying to think of an opportunity to take all my savings for my holiday to spain this summer, out so I can use them all on clothing that I can't afford. Really, it sucks so much to not have a job and not have any money to buy whatever I want. Yes, I do buy some stuff, but it's all so bad compared to all the designer clothing I love so much. It's not fun being only mediochre at something you live your life for. Yes, that's a bit dramatic said, but it's sort of true. It's what I do and what I think of and what I want to work with. Fashion that is.
The things I found were this jacket from By Marlene Birger (Oh God, just touching it was like nirvana) and a belt which had no label-marking or tag. I have to go back and ask the ones working there. I want to have at least a picture of it so I have something nice to watch... haha, I'm so doomed.
Btw, all of these pictures are By Marlene Birger, but the one I'm talking about is the one on the top.

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