Saturday, 4 April 2009

Kitty Life

Today I've been watching my cat going outside doing what cats do. It seems like nothing but still they're doing something. And I began to think... What do cats think? What would they say if they could speak? Oh, if I only could be a cat for a day! Honestly... They're so strange! Like today, when my cat (which by the way is ecsepsionally stupid) tried to catch a bird and found out, when she jumped on it, that it just were a pile of little stones. I thought to myself: "Wow, that cat is stupid" and laughed and thought she fitted quite well in the family (nono, not like that! We are funny, not stupid! Haha). Here's some pictures of cats. I bet they're trying to get world domination by pretending they're small and unknowing... Or something like that...

Btw, this is my friend trying to be just what I want to be. A cat for a day. She's more cat than me anyways so it fitted her more than what it would fit me. She even got yellow eyes! Oh wow yay!

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