Saturday, 11 April 2009

It's all Good

Another thing. I'm so nervous about my portifolio-thingy! I'm gonna send it in to (supposedly - and I agree) the best photographyschool in Norway tomorrow, and it is not fun anymore. I'm sweating, my heart is pounding and I can't sleep, thinking that my work isn't good enough and bad and horrible and ISJ!
So today I tried to take some pictures of myself with one of my three new pair of shoes (yes, my mum got angry when I came home with too many shoes). Just so I would keep my nerves down a bit. It's such nice weather now! I love it when the snow begins to melt and the sun shines and it actually is warm outside!


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Amanda said...

Wow! Fantastisk pene sko!

Lykke til med sĂžknaden:D