Monday, 6 April 2009

About fashion and Art

Some people claim that fashion is far from art. It's just accesories and clothes to wear and nothing else. I'm as negative as you could be to that thought. It's art at its finest! It's just as meaningfull as the paintings on our walls and the pictures in the magazines we buy. It's art that's on us instead of around us. And if a person wants to spend almost a million in a dress or a shoe, then so be it. She (or he for that matter) then loves art and loves fashion and thinks it is a good choice to use the money on that particullar piece. Why shouldn't that be allowed? Honestly, this really frustrates me! What's worst? really? An expensive piece from a well known designer which has been handmade from scratch with quality or a thousand bad made clothes made from children in various countries which only care about making money? You could say that a designer only want to make money as well, but if that was the case, then I don't think he or she would pic such a hard career to make it in. The reason a designer wants to live by designing is beacuse he or she wants to show the world his/her art. The money comes after years of hard work. They deserve to take a lot for their clothing!

Who can say that this isn't art?


Amanda said...

i couldn't agree more with you!

Ulrikke said...

Flotte og inspirerende plagg :)