Thursday, 19 March 2009

Something a bit different

Yes, today I'm actually blogging about what I'm doing these days other than in my little fashionist-world. On school we're drawing something we call act-drawing (it's probably an easy word for it on english which everyone knows but I've forgotten. But it's basicly drawing a naked person). And outside of school I'm beginning on drawing (and painting) on mine and my friend's coat. You see, in Norway we celebrate our finishing year at school by being a "Russ" in 17 days (it's mostly partying and drinking and being an asshole as much as you can bear without being punnished that much for it). And when we're being a "Russ", we also wear the same clothes (sort of) in those seventeen days, which are especially designed for that occasion. And in Trondheim, we have this tradition on wearing a "Russe"-coat, which we draw and paint whatever we like on the back. And I've (of course) found out that I want Daft Punk on my back, and I've drawn something from Interstella 5555 on one of my pockets. The other pocket is bombed with my favourite Disney Channel-programs.

Well, that's all I guess. I want to show you some pictures I've taken, but I have to ask the model first if it is ok to show them to the world wide web. And yeah, yesterday my cat came and slept VERY strange on my lap. It did not look comfortable at all, and she looked half dead, but she slept thight anyway. Strange beings those cats. I love them.

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