Sunday, 29 March 2009

Loppis all the way

Vintage really is my friend. It makes my collection of clothing so much more exciting! I really sucked at finding vintage clothing before. I struggled real hard to find something I liked and never really fitted in with it. NOW (I don't know how or when this happened) I'm a hardcore vintage-shopper! Half of my wardrobe is full of vintage and I always find something fun or nice to wear! I love every second of it! So yeah, yesterday me and my boyfriend's sister went vintageshopping at a loppis. You could buy a plastic bag full of clothes for a certain amount of money, so we found the biggest plastic bag we could find and stuffed it really full with things for so splitting the cost. It was such a great bargain! I can't believe it! I were so satisfied! And then, when I got home, I had recieved my - stuff! I were in heaven! My boyfriend, who were visiting me, had to wait, cause I HAD to try different alfits out.

Lovely... really...


KARIANNE said...

Du e jo helt fantastisk :D

Amanda said...

Wow! Fantastiske bukser! Sånne vil jeg også ha! Heldiggrisen!