Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm done!

My homework has been done and now I've got nothing to do for this week. It's freeing but in the same time a bit boring. Since now I've got nothing to do. BUUUUT it gives me time to blog and post a new look on lookbook (I'm in heaven for being acseptet on that site. I really am!). It is really stormy outside by the way. It is horrible! I was seeing some hope on using my high heeled shoes (which are not build for walking in snow and rain, boohoo) so I won't need to feel like some sort of dwarf. It's a bit embarrasing admittig it, since she's been set in such a bad light by the media, but I actually like Victoria Beckham! Yes, she's skinny (get over it), but she knows what shoes to wear! Once (in that "show-that-wasn't-a-show-afterall") she said that she wouldn't wanna be seen in flats at any time! Haha, it's such a brilliant rule, and if I ever move to a place that's not as snowy as Norway, then I'm gonna do the same rule! I absolutely HATE wearing low shoes. Now I've actually even come to that point where I think my collection of high heels are to short. I want them higher! Like what's on the runways these seasons! I'm thinking of bying the black ones I've shown earlier (the black sandals from Bianco). Even though my mum's gonna somewhat kill me. I'm willing to do that sacrifice! Honestly, I am!

The pictures I've posted today are of me and what I've been wearing all day at school. Now that I've become a lookiebookie, I probably should try not being so lazy when it comes to documenting what I'm wearing. Usually I THINK about it but never bothers getting the camera on... Shame on me.


Amanda said...

Congratulations on becoming a "Lookbookie"!! That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Håh! Dette kledde du, Camilla! Klem fra Silje