Sunday, 8 March 2009




But not all that awesume, since then my people won't be all that special anymore since all the "cool" kids are doing it... Buuuut they still have a long way to go 'till they're making their second star wars-costume as I am (Yes my fellow people of nerdyness, I KNOW I'm not all that nerdyish as you are, but I'm not that far off either! I'm just happy not being bullied for listening to strange ((it was daft punk. now it's apparently cool haha)) music and being an all-big fan of star wars. Though, there's a lot of star wars-fans out there. Just not a girl in the age of six? I don't know? maybe? I was one. I always were Luke cause he was so cute! But one day I got bullied for being in love with a star wars-dude, so then I had to pretend I wasn't. I still am though. Don't tell anyone. Giggle.)
This picture is of me and my boyfriend for over a year ago on school. I wanted to be his girlfriend, so I made a star wars costume since he was also a big star wars (still is) nerd and... well... it did the trick. Not long after, we coupled up! And btw, this was a school assignment, so the quality of the costumes were not that good. He's been doing a lot more on his Boba-costume and I think it's growing to be a very screen-accurate Boba Fett-costume. But he won't admit it himself though. Ah, boys.

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