Sunday, 29 March 2009

Loppis all the way

Vintage really is my friend. It makes my collection of clothing so much more exciting! I really sucked at finding vintage clothing before. I struggled real hard to find something I liked and never really fitted in with it. NOW (I don't know how or when this happened) I'm a hardcore vintage-shopper! Half of my wardrobe is full of vintage and I always find something fun or nice to wear! I love every second of it! So yeah, yesterday me and my boyfriend's sister went vintageshopping at a loppis. You could buy a plastic bag full of clothes for a certain amount of money, so we found the biggest plastic bag we could find and stuffed it really full with things for so splitting the cost. It was such a great bargain! I can't believe it! I were so satisfied! And then, when I got home, I had recieved my - stuff! I were in heaven! My boyfriend, who were visiting me, had to wait, cause I HAD to try different alfits out.

Lovely... really...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Inner City Pressure


Anyway. Here's some pictures from me and my friend's little project on school (Don't tell anyone, but it's really just us having an good excuse to sit on a cafè all day long, teehee).

Sunday, 22 March 2009

We like to rock the party

Yesterday and today has been weird and wild. Yes it has. I don't usually post about these things (even though it looks like it's becoming a habit) but this is an exception that needs to be done. Mostly so I can get it out of my head. You see, it started kinda normal. Just the five of us meeting at my boyfriend's house to do some drawing on our "Russe"-coats. Then Siril made some REALLY good food (yumyum, chicken, wok and rice) and so it began. Some other people came and we (the girls) got some live music (each of the boys found an instrument they played on. Really nice to listen to). Then some more came and some things that I don't remember happened and some things happened that I don't want to mention on a world-open blog. Lets just say that my boyfriend's drumsticks got some drumming to do other than on an actual drum, haha. Then, after TWELVE hours, we desided to hit the hay, at 4:30 AM. You could say I was exhausted. Then you see, my boyfriend and me woke up five hours later by the others playing instruments and stuff and people who left the party came back without any reason at all. They just seemed to think that the best thing to do was to come back after some few hours sleep. So then we were all there (about ten people?) and watched TV and drawing and feeling a BIT sick...

Fun time anyway. I enjoyed every second of it and want to do it again! It was so random that it was good! But now I'm soooo tired. Have to go to bed soon. Ooooh yeah...

Good Night!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Fifty is the number

Fifty posts now! Amazing! Here's my today-look. Not my kind of style, really, but it's fun to try out new things! Think I'll stay with my skirts though. Jeans are soo.... Uhm... Thight? Yeah, something like that. GOD it's so good having no homework for once! I FEEL FREEEEE!

Pubing, Drinking Beer

I've had an idea for a long time now. And I've finally managed to do something about that thought. It's about my portifolio and future photoshoots. I've done some shoots earlier, but it doesn't have the feel I'm looking for. I think I'm beginning to get it a bit more right now! Not on the top, but getting there. My theme for these shoots are "CityLife" and I want to show how you can see the city and experience it. Here's some pics from my visit on the pub with some friends (which by the way were really fun even though my camera blacked out halfway through, haha).

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Something a bit different

Yes, today I'm actually blogging about what I'm doing these days other than in my little fashionist-world. On school we're drawing something we call act-drawing (it's probably an easy word for it on english which everyone knows but I've forgotten. But it's basicly drawing a naked person). And outside of school I'm beginning on drawing (and painting) on mine and my friend's coat. You see, in Norway we celebrate our finishing year at school by being a "Russ" in 17 days (it's mostly partying and drinking and being an asshole as much as you can bear without being punnished that much for it). And when we're being a "Russ", we also wear the same clothes (sort of) in those seventeen days, which are especially designed for that occasion. And in Trondheim, we have this tradition on wearing a "Russe"-coat, which we draw and paint whatever we like on the back. And I've (of course) found out that I want Daft Punk on my back, and I've drawn something from Interstella 5555 on one of my pockets. The other pocket is bombed with my favourite Disney Channel-programs.

Well, that's all I guess. I want to show you some pictures I've taken, but I have to ask the model first if it is ok to show them to the world wide web. And yeah, yesterday my cat came and slept VERY strange on my lap. It did not look comfortable at all, and she looked half dead, but she slept thight anyway. Strange beings those cats. I love them.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm done!

My homework has been done and now I've got nothing to do for this week. It's freeing but in the same time a bit boring. Since now I've got nothing to do. BUUUUT it gives me time to blog and post a new look on lookbook (I'm in heaven for being acseptet on that site. I really am!). It is really stormy outside by the way. It is horrible! I was seeing some hope on using my high heeled shoes (which are not build for walking in snow and rain, boohoo) so I won't need to feel like some sort of dwarf. It's a bit embarrasing admittig it, since she's been set in such a bad light by the media, but I actually like Victoria Beckham! Yes, she's skinny (get over it), but she knows what shoes to wear! Once (in that "show-that-wasn't-a-show-afterall") she said that she wouldn't wanna be seen in flats at any time! Haha, it's such a brilliant rule, and if I ever move to a place that's not as snowy as Norway, then I'm gonna do the same rule! I absolutely HATE wearing low shoes. Now I've actually even come to that point where I think my collection of high heels are to short. I want them higher! Like what's on the runways these seasons! I'm thinking of bying the black ones I've shown earlier (the black sandals from Bianco). Even though my mum's gonna somewhat kill me. I'm willing to do that sacrifice! Honestly, I am!

The pictures I've posted today are of me and what I've been wearing all day at school. Now that I've become a lookiebookie, I probably should try not being so lazy when it comes to documenting what I'm wearing. Usually I THINK about it but never bothers getting the camera on... Shame on me.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


It's just me taking some pictures of myself being happy...

Yet again

...I'm declairing my love to Susie Bubble. I'm trying to restrain myself from not blogging too much about her, but I can't help it! She's my idol! I love her! OH GOD! Can you blame me...?
Oh I really love those trousers! /\

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Oh shit, I forgot!

I LOVE THESE SHOES (haha, this is how it goes when I'm going a week without having time for some bloggin'. It all comes in one day)

The one at the top and the one at the bottom are from Irregular Choice. The yellow one below is from and the black one is from Bianco Footwear.

This made my day!

I'm very close to being a shopaholic (at least a self-torturing shopaholic who likes to watch and don't have the money to spend). So today I did something that made the shopaholic-monster in me roar. I bought some stuff from! My tummy feels so good! I feel good too by the way. So then, just to show you guys, I've done some EXCELLENT photoshoping (oh, please see the irony in that sentence) and mixed up the four things in only two pics. It's a floral thights, a really really pink thights, a cute skirt and an even cuter purse! I'm so happy!
(the skirt is supposed to be a bit shorter, for your information)

We need no translation

The sun is back! And I have missed it so much! I'm so happy! And I've also found my mothers skirt from her younger days which I did some sewing on, and it's supercool! And last I also want to show you guys my magazines. There are so many and in so many different varietes of languages and to be honest, I only understand some of it. This time it's just for you to watch and not read. I always write so much on my posts, but this time I'll try being brief, so you just can relax and watch. I want to go outside now, but I don't have anyone to go to... Haha, the joy of living out in nowhereland.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Oh Crap!

I'm a f***** shoeaddict! It's not even funny anymore! Since now I've found ANOTHER pair of shoes who are ALMOST in my reach, but I can't buy them, since they're nothing to wear outside here in Norway and I can't use the money even though I have them! Oh dear, it's so hard to be me now. It's not fun. It's really really not fun...
By the way, I've coloured my hear dark brown... It's really really dark... uh.