Thursday, 12 February 2009


IT'S PORTIFOLIOTIME! (I figured it'd been best with some large printing there)
I must admit that my confidense in the picture part is quite lacking. Even though it is what I'm supposed to work with when I grow up, it's still so hard to make it good enough to enter the good schools. I wanted to go to a London school, but I've dropped that dream for now and will try again on moving there when the moneysucking school-time is over. But my really big problem right now is how to make the best portifolio and the best pictures. And let me tell ya, it's hard for me who haven't got anyone to teach me or guide me! Everything is based on ME and I'm shaky enough as it is when it comes to selfconfidense.

One of the schools I'm trying at ("Fotofagskolen" in Trondheim) wants to have a series of pictures and I'm dying of fright on doing it all wrong and bad and horrible and end up being a massmurderer for delivering heart attack on those poor judges that sees them (yes I AM that dramatic people). So I'm sitting here, thinking of how a series of photos are meant to be. I have some magazines that shows the idea, but it's so hard to make my own serie!

Weeeell, so just to comfort my haunted soul, here's some shoes I like very very much. I think I'll never get past my shoe-addiction! (And why won't anyone hire me so I can work up some money? And where's my dear uncle? You know, the one that's as rich as scrooge and gives me tons and tons of money in his will because I'm the only one left in his family? Why can't I have one of those?)

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