Wednesday, 25 February 2009


It's nothing special, it's just me being goddamn happy for ending THREE of the assignments on school AND making lots of stuff for my photographies! One assignment I've worked on a looong time, is a drawing I drew on the tablet. Heck of a job (I'm not that much of a professional) and now I'm FINALLY finished! It feels sooo good!

Other things I've gotten is some white paper (bigbigbig, from a roll of paper on school - shhh, don't tell anyone!) that fits perfectly to some bakcground (I'm a bit tired and has been all day so I'm a bit slow on the words, so I've forgotten about half my vocabullary today. So I -yet again- can't remember what it's called. Not even in norweian, haha). I'm also testing out a lot of different lighting and have some cool ideas for a shoot that I hope soon will be. I just have to get the background ready, which will be a drawed-on "testing image" from TV. I don't know why, but it's something about those colours that makes my thoughts spin (eheh, it MIGHT be because of the music video I talked about last time -the korean one). So now I've been sketching a lot in my ALL NEW sketching-book and hopefully I'll get some time on school to make it, cause it's too big to work on at home.


karianne said...

haha det e så kult :D

Anonymous said...

SV: Ja Adobe Lightroom ja ^^ fantastisk program!! :D - Linn M