Thursday, 19 February 2009

Collar Satisfaction

I'm so proud I could jump high right now! But I won't since the whole house would shake and my entire neighbourhood would wake up by the heavy-weight-girl-jump. I'm just kidding... It's my night-humor kicking in I guess... But yes, I am anyway very proud at the moment, because, my friend, I've actually managed to make myself an own collar! I just got so much inspiration from the romantic, sweedish blog Metrobloggen, that I had to make something romantic and cute! But not only am I proud of making that one collar on my own, I've also made some really cute (I don't like to brag that much, but hell, I never do anything like this normally) tiebow earrings and a big tiebow to wear everywhere (though that didn't really hit it off. I have an idea of trying once more on making that right). Sooooo, uhm, yeah... I'm proud and happy and a bit tired since it's way past bedtime, so good night everybody! I promise I'll write again very soon!

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