Thursday, 22 January 2009

I don't have that much to say. Just some to show.

It is a bit awkward to admit this, but yesterday I watched Gossip Girl (as the true girly girl that I am). And when watching it, I saw one of the stairs-girlies wearing a lot of pearls, and thought "I want something like that as well, boohoo". And then it hit me -BAM- I HAVE lots of pearls (big pearls too)! So today I did what I had to do and I wore them. Uhm, yeah... Exciting isn't it?

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Risky, Sexy Heels

They're so sexy you could die! And still -knowing the risk- you want sooo bad to walk in them. They're the risky, but yet sexy heels!
I've been looking at some pretty nice shoes lately and wanted to share the joy with someone else (maybe also the pain since they're quite impossible to walk in?). Some are really gorgeous and others are just impossible to even THINK of walking in.

So just enjoy!

Vivienne Westwood - The famous trip of Naomi Campbell happened on her runway

Dsquared2 - G to the Orgeous

Rodarte - I really really really want these! But Oh, when to use them?

Givenchy - I wanted these so bad the first time I saw them (spring 2008 collection)

(The shoes at the top are Louboutin-shoes and the picture's from Sea of Shoes)

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Photoshoot and a new lense

I'm getting a new lense (hopefully) tomorrow! It's a canon EF-S 18-200mm f3.5-5.6. I can't wait! I'll be in heaven and I won't stop taking pictures (I think) after getting it! I'm also having a LOT of new photoshoots in the future! My friend told EVERYBODY she knew that I needed models, so now I've got more than what I asked for. But it's fun anyway I think, hehe. I did actually have a photoshoot yesterday with two of my friends. We messed up a whole room with various clothes and ended up with a lot of funny-looking looks. (Or I did end up with something funny. The other two were cool, haha). It's the pics I've put out in this post.

Unfortunately I don't have that much to write about clothes and fashion, since I'm doing so much on school! But I'll try to find something soon. I promise!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

David and WinterWolf

Check out David Joseph Designs! He's really an fashion artist with a great sence of luxury. He makes dresses which looks like they're coming right from a century earlier than this. If I had enough money, I would shurely spend them all on several dresses I've seen on his website. And at the same time I envy the photographic team Winter Wolf Studios, which very often seems to have taken pictures of the dresses David Joseph makes. Their style matches the dresses perfectly and makes the wanting even more drastic. Damnit, where is that unknown, rich and passed away uncle of mine?

P.S. the picture below are from WinterWolf studios and there are just some of the clothing that comes from David Joseph Designs.

This is actually just bodypaint! Nothing else! Amazing!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Sasha, Fafi and A big Bed!

One of them is french. The other one is russian. The third comes from IKEA. What they've got in common? They're all of my interest!

Lets start with the one that has my interest the most right now. It is the french grafitti-artist, Fafi. Her real name is, for me unknown, but Fafi is anyway a cute name, so I'll stick to that. She draws these really cute and sexy girls, which has been called in later time for "Fafinettes". It was not her own idea, but people around her just seemed to start calling them that. Some might say that they look a bit like Miss Van's drawings, and I might admit that in some ways. But then again, they have a lot of difference, since Miss Van is more bold and somewhat frightening compared to the cuteness Fafi comes with. If you feel you've seen these Fafinettes before, then it is no surprise. The make-up-label "M.A.C." has cooperated with her and there are now Fafinettes all over the eyeshadows and rouges and whatever else they've got going on.

The other one, the russian one, has been in my interest for quite some time. Mostly because she has a look-a-like model which makes it look like she's on EVERY runway I bump into (on the internet of course, haha). I am talking about Sasha Pivovarova. The look-a-like stays for now anonymous, since I can't find the name on her (trust me, I've been looking). Anyway. What's making me interested in this girl, is not really clear to me just yet. I think it might be because of her innocent face and her eyes. It's just something about me and eyes, haha. She's just four years older than me (though that might be considered an old age in the fashion business. For those of you that don't do math that well: she is about 22 years old if my source has right) and she's done a LOT in the business already! She is the face of Armani Cosmetics and also goes on the 6th year of Prada exclusives. When she's not modelling she also paints and draws. It's not strange when she gets all the impulses from all around the world every day.

Then last, but not least, is it my soon-to-be new IKEA-bed! I'm so tired of having a small, and creaky bed, so now I'm doing the right thing and buying myself a whole new and BIG bed (okay not THAT big. just big enough for me and my boyfriend to sleep in without falling out). I'm looking forward for it. I hope my stepfather soon gets done with whatever he's doing, so we can get a move on and buy it!