Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The proof that I need to cut my bangs

I love my mother's old watch. It's almost vintage now you know! Hah, I hope she doesn't read this...

Monday, 28 December 2009


Today I've been working on this. Now you might say "Well that sure doesn't look like the Rihanna-shoulder-thingy you showed two posts ago". And that wasn't the idea either. That was just an inspiration for what I'm making, though it's basicly the same thing... I hope it'll look better when everything's on place and painted. This is the one thing I love about vacations. You get so much freetime to do little things. Next up is a shirt with plastic beads. Stay tuned!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Saturday, 26 December 2009

It's Christmas!

Well, they're supposed to be some kind of christmas-selfportraits, but I didn't quite nail it. Anywho's, I'm full! Jesus, my stumach can't take anymore! I'm putting myself on a no-eating-diet after christmas, and it won't be any danger to it, since I think I've harvested about twenty years of food already. Or at least it feels like it atm. The cookies I've been throwing in my gap might have some part in it as well. And the chokolate. And some of the snacks. I can't figure out if I love or hate christmas. It's so good but still so bad. Well, it feels bad now, hah. Enjoy the rest of the holiday, folks! I think I will. It looks like things are going as planned.

Today's question: Why do they make computer-maps for computers without corners? My mac don't fit in my new map (which I got for christmas) because... it has corners! Who would have thought that? Corners..? On a machine? It can't be (It's probably a christmas miracle, don't you think?)! HO HO HO!

Friday, 25 December 2009

I tried to make a gif out of all the nice presents I got today

But I don't know how and am too exhausted to try to learn it atm. I came halfway. That's as far as I managed before I almost-fell asleep. I'll try again tomorrow when I hopefully am a tad bit more awake than what I am now. Merry Christmas by the way. Hope you've all had a just as nice day as me!

Good night ♥

Monday, 21 December 2009


Some really boring stuff you probably don't want to read

This weekend has been used to working and watching awesome sci-fi-movies (I must say The fifth element had a loot of star wars-ish stuff. I mean... Come on... A old, wise man in a brown robe with some white beard? Well, I love it anyway. You cannot not love something with orange hair and a young Bruce Willis in the same movie). And of course some christmas-gift-shopping. I hate it, so I'd rather not talk about it. Made some good food when I got home though. And I took a picture of me being a bit bored/teeeny tiny pissed (no reason at all really).

But really! Even though it doesn't look like it, I've been having a good weekend!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Yesterday was a fine day

Yesterday I was doing something secret.

Today I'm off to hit the town and give away my old glasses (which I got in the third grade, hated, and stopped wearing after two weeks or something). And buy my last christmas-gifts and work in some money by being a walking commercial-ad. Sort of.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Nerd for them shiny Things

I proooomise I'll post something else than me on the webcam soon. Maybe even tomorrow I'll do something about it. It's just that I've been working all day with cleaning and fixing my room so that it'll look better (something which somewhat failed). In front of my eyes are by the way the other thing I've bought for the shoot I have in mind. Dum-dum-duuum!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pearls and Money

Just a little sneakpeak on what I've got in mind for my next shoot. I went crazy (bananas?) on IKEA yesterday. Can't wait to get the pictures in my mind out and alive!
I WANT THESE! If I only had the money for them, I would be in heaven. Can't decide which one of them I want the most. They're both so fabolous! I also want the new acne trousers from the 2010-collection,but I'll talk more about them later. Now it's aaall about the shoes! Love, love, love them!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Best Friends Always Have Fun

And you can imagine how extremely fun I had when I ended up f****ing up my pictures like this... Heh, hah, yeah.

Cover My Vogue

Sometimes I wish I could be a little kid and say what's on my mind without being judged.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Going Out

Last day on school before christmas. I like my school. Will miss it a lot the next couple of weeks. Now I'm off on my date with my sweet, little Hermann. Hopefully I'll meet some of my classmates there as well, so I can give them a propper goodbye before they're going home.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Semester done, gone!

And then I was finished on school for this semester. And I can't decide wether or not it's freeing or sad. Cause... well... it's so fun! Jeeses, it'll be boring without my classmates these next couple of weeks. BUT, I do have a little project or two in mind since (almost) everybody is going home and I've got the studios on school (almost) by myself. Teehee. And I'm planning on using my fantastic, new model whom I ran after the other day and (probably) scared the shit out of. It can't get any better!
These pictures are from my last assignment on school for this semester. The task was to make a cologne-add for men, using a nude male model and a bottle of cologne. All taken by me, by the way. If anyone doubted it. The two underneath didn't make it through in my tough decision, but I like them anyway. I actually like the bottom one the most, but it just doesn't fit the assignment very well. Unfortunately. Well, enjoy. I know I did, teehee (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone)!

My two ♥ 's

These two are my favourite music videos. Not necessarily because they're so groundbreaking and well made. But they fit so good to their songs. And I love the songs!

Kate Bush

Imogen Heap

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I think Calvin Harris got tired of his own bad jokes, since he stopped publishing any more christmas countdown-movies. Maybe it's for the best. Don't think the world needs any more bad jokes for some time now...

Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday, 6 December 2009


On friday I surprised Karianne when she had made plans on getting all of her girlfriends together on a girls night out. And then Hermann came and sat with us. I didn't get that many good shots from the evening... Too bad really. It was so much fun!


It's been so busy this week. So I'm posting pictures from the week now. This is from wednesday evening when some folks from class went out to celebrate one test being finished. I dragged Henrik with me as well just for fun.