Friday, 5 December 2008

Today I'm wearing...

...Well I'm not wearing ALL of those clothes at one day, but I had to get some ideas out of my head before I exploded! You see, I have these weeks, where all I ever think about is clothing and what to wear for the next couple of days and of course what I COULD wear if there was a party and so on.
I bought myself a new belt today from Gina Tricot (it's the "famous" Carrie-belt. It's a bit cheesy of me to buy it, but hell, it's freaking awesome!) so then I have had this URGE to try it on with some clothing ever since it was bought. And tomorrow I'm going to a birthday-party, so then I had even more an urge to check out what to wear!

Today was the day of the ninja, and my boyfriend is really crazy about it, so I tried to wear some sort of ninja-ish clothing today. It ended up with (all black of course) a shiny tights, a medium-long top, some china-sticks in the hair and my killer heels. I didn't feel very ninja, but I DID feel pretty cool (even though I bet I looked like a looser, haha). I don't have that many good pictures of the alfit. I tried to take some pictures yesterday before I went to bed, but it was hard to get things visible since it's all black and the lighting was bad (PLUS my room looked/looks like hell, so it was all just a big f**** mess).

P.S. Some days ago I started thinking (never a good idea). What if we could, when falling on the ice, roll up into a big ball that just bounces up again from the ground without getting hurt? Wouldn't that be handy?

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oooomg<3 tightsen min e faen mæ knall på dæ. VÆRSEGO Å HA DEN PÅ DÆ SÅ MY DU VIL <3<3