Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The feeling of being a copycat

That's how I feel these days. You see, Susie Bubble, my favourite blogger has (as mentioned earlier) an awesome style, and these days she seems to have gotten an even more awesome style. Oh if I only had her sence for clothing and random labels few know of but are so fashionable that it got a big prizetag on it (Long sentence there)! Well, lately she's been showing some stuff I'd LOVE to have in my own closet (YES it is a hint to everyone who accidentally want to give me a present, hehe). Since I don't have the money to buy those stuff, I'm showing you some pictures of Susie herself with her cool outfits. The first thing I saw were this underwear-ish thing which you can use over a top OR as sexy lingerie! It's really hot and I would do (almost) anything to get me that one. It's from a label called Bordelle and they've got more than just that Top/corset that is nice! I WANT TO LIVE IN LONDON (so I can buy those things as well).The other thing she's found are these jeans that are black and ripped totally up! It is SO COOL! And this time I were really lucky since I were cleaning in my closet and I found these old, black jeans that I'm not wearing anymore. It's perfect for some ripping! So now I've got a pair of those as well, and I feel sooo like a copycat (yes I do... It is a bit awkward since I'm so strict and stubborn when it comes to personal style). The THIRD thing I've seen on Susie this week is a really amazing thigts. I'm thinking of buying one for myself after christmas. It's from a label called Wolford, and I recommend you buying some too, just to get that sexy stocking- and laces-look that is in style these days. Or it was not too long ago at least. I don't know where I got this other site from (probably Susie Bubble that as well), but it got some cool and different clothes which also are smart! It's recycled and the label do some charity as well. Check out GoodOne!

Btw: I'm listening to Lady Gaga at the moment. She's got such a funny style in her newest videos (though her style on stage previously aren't that much to brag about. Honestly, there's almost not any clothes on her at all! A bra... and... some panties? Well, she knows how to get popular anyway, haha). I'd wish everyone walked in those kind of fashion-space-something weird-style!

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