Friday, 26 December 2008

I don't have a lot of money...

...But I'm doing my best with what I've got! Hehe, here's some pics from my digging in the closet!
The thing with the black trousers and the blue thights underneath are just a coincidence that I had. They're quite much alike the style from Susie Bubble (a bit of the point as well though). The clothes shown on the bottom is what I've been wearing today at the cinema with my mother, stepfather and boyfriend. We saw this norwegian movie, Max Manus. Actually a surprisingly good norwegian movie! For those norwegians redaing this: I DO recommend Max Manus. Go see it now!
P.S. I love tiebows! The cutest thing ever created!

Photo Contest

I found this photo contest on a Norwegian blog and I just want to try my luck and see if it's good enough... The picture is taken from my window. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


May you all have a merry christmas!

Love from Camilla <3

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The feeling of being a copycat

That's how I feel these days. You see, Susie Bubble, my favourite blogger has (as mentioned earlier) an awesome style, and these days she seems to have gotten an even more awesome style. Oh if I only had her sence for clothing and random labels few know of but are so fashionable that it got a big prizetag on it (Long sentence there)! Well, lately she's been showing some stuff I'd LOVE to have in my own closet (YES it is a hint to everyone who accidentally want to give me a present, hehe). Since I don't have the money to buy those stuff, I'm showing you some pictures of Susie herself with her cool outfits. The first thing I saw were this underwear-ish thing which you can use over a top OR as sexy lingerie! It's really hot and I would do (almost) anything to get me that one. It's from a label called Bordelle and they've got more than just that Top/corset that is nice! I WANT TO LIVE IN LONDON (so I can buy those things as well).The other thing she's found are these jeans that are black and ripped totally up! It is SO COOL! And this time I were really lucky since I were cleaning in my closet and I found these old, black jeans that I'm not wearing anymore. It's perfect for some ripping! So now I've got a pair of those as well, and I feel sooo like a copycat (yes I do... It is a bit awkward since I'm so strict and stubborn when it comes to personal style). The THIRD thing I've seen on Susie this week is a really amazing thigts. I'm thinking of buying one for myself after christmas. It's from a label called Wolford, and I recommend you buying some too, just to get that sexy stocking- and laces-look that is in style these days. Or it was not too long ago at least. I don't know where I got this other site from (probably Susie Bubble that as well), but it got some cool and different clothes which also are smart! It's recycled and the label do some charity as well. Check out GoodOne!

Btw: I'm listening to Lady Gaga at the moment. She's got such a funny style in her newest videos (though her style on stage previously aren't that much to brag about. Honestly, there's almost not any clothes on her at all! A bra... and... some panties? Well, she knows how to get popular anyway, haha). I'd wish everyone walked in those kind of fashion-space-something weird-style!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas time, yay!

It's starting to get close to christmas, and thank god for that! Then it'll be over sooner. I'm sorry, I'm not much of a christmas-fan. It always ends bad, I think. But this year I'm more positive than the last years though. Hah, that's a good think, right? Well, I'm drowning myself in clothes and shit so I can have some happy moments in these grey and dark days (litteraly. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun shine)... Quite depressive today are we?

I found a jacket on friday! It's a grey, long, knitted jacket which my grandmother bought for herself. Unfortunately (for her) she didn't fit, so then she gave it to me. I'm surprised how stylish my grandmother can be at times! I'm shopping all my money away on christmas-presents, so it was quite good to get something for free these days. I took some close-up shots from an alfit I tried on for a christmas-event I make every year for my friends and me (new friends every time though, hehe).

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New shop with LOTS of cool shoes!

Zara has finally gotten to Trondheim, and today I finally had some time to check out what they've got to offer. And WOW, I was surprised! I was expecting something girly and somewhat boring (rich girls going the safe style-like. Ich!) and it didn't look that I was wrong... Until I went up to the second floor and started looking. Oh my God, there were so much to see and so much I wanted to buy! I couldn't stop taking pictures of what I wanted to get to either myself or my friends, so I'll put some of the pictures here, so you'll see what I fell in love with. I must say they've got a pretty awesome shoe-style, and it didn't make me like the shop less, if you know what I mean. I also found some very nice prints on some shirts they had. I think I've seen the prints in a H&M-magazine from sweden this summer, but I can't find the artist (I'll keep looking for her though, I want to see more from her). If you know who she is, please notice me! And if that is not enough, I also found a jacket in the style of the sweater I've been searching for all those months since I saw a girl in London wearing it! Maybe I'll buy it for myself as a christmas gift if I have some money left after buying gifts to my friends.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Today I'm wearing...

...Well I'm not wearing ALL of those clothes at one day, but I had to get some ideas out of my head before I exploded! You see, I have these weeks, where all I ever think about is clothing and what to wear for the next couple of days and of course what I COULD wear if there was a party and so on.
I bought myself a new belt today from Gina Tricot (it's the "famous" Carrie-belt. It's a bit cheesy of me to buy it, but hell, it's freaking awesome!) so then I have had this URGE to try it on with some clothing ever since it was bought. And tomorrow I'm going to a birthday-party, so then I had even more an urge to check out what to wear!

Today was the day of the ninja, and my boyfriend is really crazy about it, so I tried to wear some sort of ninja-ish clothing today. It ended up with (all black of course) a shiny tights, a medium-long top, some china-sticks in the hair and my killer heels. I didn't feel very ninja, but I DID feel pretty cool (even though I bet I looked like a looser, haha). I don't have that many good pictures of the alfit. I tried to take some pictures yesterday before I went to bed, but it was hard to get things visible since it's all black and the lighting was bad (PLUS my room looked/looks like hell, so it was all just a big f**** mess).

P.S. Some days ago I started thinking (never a good idea). What if we could, when falling on the ice, roll up into a big ball that just bounces up again from the ground without getting hurt? Wouldn't that be handy?