Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Shopping for the eyes

I need some shopping soon before I'll fall apart! Since I'm still waiting for my last test for a drivers license (it's not long time left though) I'm as broke as you'll get it! BUT when next month comes, I'm (HOPEFULLY) done with the test and with some money so then I can buy some christmaspresents, and hopefully something for myself. Today I ended early on school, so I dragged my boyfriend around in the city to look for things I really want but really can't have. And what I found was shoes (of course) and a dress that I really want for christmas. But I don't know when to use it other than on christmas eve, haha. Oh well, it's me. I'll always find a way to use a dress more than once. That reminds me to begin using my black ebay-lolita-dress more! Maybe tomorrow? If I'll just have some "normal" assecories, the alfit wont be so dammed dressed up? I'll have to check it out tonight, I think. GOD, I have to talk to my mother about buying a christmas-alfit! We all need a nice alfit for christmas, and what is better than perfect, red shoes and a really hot dress? Not such a bad price for it either! Oh, now, I'm just babling here because I want it so bad!

Why can't I just be rich! Have an unknown granduncle with a really big heritage or something?

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HEK said...

Beklager å være så frempå, men skal du stemme på Moteblogg 08? Jeg er så heldig å ha blitt tatt ut som finalist, men jeg har ikke så stort nettverk på facebook og lignende som jeg har sett at noen av de andre har, derfor må jeg be andre bloggere om litt hjelp. Jeg hadde satt stor pris på om du vil sjekke ut bloggen min, og stemme på den hvis du liker den.
Tusen takk:)