Sunday, 23 November 2008

Peaches Geldof and snow!

Well, she's been my fashion muse for some years now, but I never really found that many pictures of her until now (Then again I must admit I haven't been looking every day either). "Why is she your fashion muse if you haven't seen that much pictures of her?" you may ask. It's quite simple. The little things I've seen of her has made me hooked and made me want to do the same with my own style. She's cute, right?

The snow are really suffocating me right now. Too damn much! I just want to walk in high heels and cute clothes, but nooo way if that's possible. Welcome to Norway!

I want a gray, big sweater like one I saw on a girl in London, but I can't find ANYTHING similar to it! It is really annoying... I just have to find it! And I won't stop until I do!

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Anonymous said...

hahaah du e søt.