Saturday, 1 November 2008

London, Shoes and Education

Ohmy, it's a while since my last blogging, but now I'm back! The trip to London was absolutely the best trip I've done in my life, and I'm not even exaggerating! It was crowded, noisy and busy, and JUST what I love! My eyes didn't rest until I was back at my hotel, because I always saw something or someone that was over the top or had a style WAY beyond the Norwegian styles back home. The first day I were there, I came across the most beautiful girl/woman I've ever seen! I am not a lesbian, but that was a girl I envy for the stunning look and style. I wanted to go and ask for a picture of her to put on here on my blog, but I were (OF COURSE) afraid to ask... Other than that random girl, there were a lot of other stylish people to look at. Both girls and boys. I also saw the school that I want to go to next year, the London College of Fashion, and experiencing the city for the first time didn't really make my wanting less strong. The downside of it, is my loan that will be on about 400 000NOK (it's much money... Way too much money) and I don't know if I want to give myself that big of a loan this early in life. But then again I don't have ANY other idea of what to do next year, so I'm in a bit of a mess right now. I really don't know what to do...

I love them, and I think that if you have been reading my blog you would know so by now too! Well, when I was in London I bought only two pair of shoes (my mum denied me to buy more) but I took picture of someones that I really wantet to buy. Unfortunately they were out of my size for those I really wanted to buy, so then I took some other (they're blue with white stripes and pink stars). The shoebrand I fell in love with, is called Irregular Choice Shoes ( and the style of the shoes are very fairytale-like and not what you normally see in shoedesign. And because I'm a person that hates the word "normal" it was love at first sight. The other pair I bought, was a pair from a vintage-store in Camden Market. They're just black and... uhm.. vintage, haha, and people tell me that they're very much alike those shoes I got from my boyfriend (check out what I wrote about last time), but I absolutely refuse (though it MIGHT be true)! The more shoes the better!

...BUT! Now it's November, and with november, the snow and cold comes. I absolutely hate the winter because I can't walk in my finest clothes and shoes and I have to cover myself in twentyfour woolen sweaters and thirty trousers to be at least somewhat close to warm. So from last week on I declaired myself as "sleeping" (like the bairs do in the winter-don't know the english frase for it) until the spring. Unfortunately there won't mbe much fashion-inspired clothes on me unless it's made of wool or fur (I'd prefer fake fur though). Speaking of which, I'd REALLY like to get myself a fur-coat just like Carrie in sex and the city has! It's so good and warm and still it looks fabolous. But I must say that I'm against using real animal-fur though. Fake is just as good as real and it does that it's supposed to do. Making you warm!
But that's all for today and hopefully you'll hear from me soon again. Love from me!

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