Saturday, 15 November 2008

Fun times!

Today I'm gonna draw and paint a lot! Me and my friends found out we wanted to do a "drawing-night" where we just draw all evening long! I'm gonna try a bit more on my graphic tablet (which I got from a NICE friend of mine) and maybe work a bit more on a new picture I'm drawing. I'll try to do some prosessing for a new photoshoot. Since I need a good portifolio to get in to some good schools, then I just have to start someplace, and drawing is a good starter.I also got myself a new phone yesterday! I love it! It is a LG KS360 and I love it because it is something very few others have (at least I haven't seen anyone with a QWERTY-phone before in real life). So now I'm texting my ass off all day long, hehe. And I feel like one of them cool girls on TV which always text on a QWERTY-phone!
I want so bad to take a underwear-photoshoot with a sensual theme (NOT sexual!!) with light and soft lighting, but I think it is so hard to make the light right! I'm so used with taking pictures with "hard" lighting like very much shadow and highlighting and so on. But now I'm trying to do the complete opposite, and it's really hard! Also it's hard to make a picture with nudity (or at least very close to nudity) good without stepping over to something similar to pornographic or sexy. I want none of that in my pictures, you see.
And speaking of which, I just had a photoshoot where I were the model! Haha, incredible, but true! My friend, Victoria and I both like taking pictures, so we made a plan a long time ago that I were her model one day and she was my model another day. She were modelling for me before summer, so now it was my turn to do the hard job at looking pretty in front of a lence (in her case, a BIG lence- yes I DO envy her and want to have one on my own). The result turned out pretty well, actually. Amazingly enough, hahaha.

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