Monday, 3 November 2008


Well yeah, now it's getting cold. Though today was okay. That's why I "pampered" myself with some nice clothing to wear. I, for once, wore my (fake)fur coat/west and some scottish checked thights with boots. I tried to take picture of it with my mobile today when I got home, but it was rather difficult because of the lack of light in the hallway.

When it is this time of year, and the cold are coming on quite fast, I begin searching for warm clothing, and today I came over a dress that looked suspisious alike a dress from Stella McCartney's autumn07-collection! And since I don't have money to pay for a original Stella McCartney-piece, this dress from seems like a good substitute. So now I'm just saving up some money to buy it (though it will take some time without a proper job and with loads of other outcomes).
I also found this cute skirt at Gina Tricot one day, and I got such a Carrie-feeling when looking at it that I just HAD to try it on even though I knew i didn't have any money to buy it for... That sucks... But I'm just comforting myelf with the thought of me one day becoming the greatest fashion photographer that makes BILLIONS of pounds a day and can buy myself loads of clothes! Oh yeah!

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