Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Shopping for the eyes

I need some shopping soon before I'll fall apart! Since I'm still waiting for my last test for a drivers license (it's not long time left though) I'm as broke as you'll get it! BUT when next month comes, I'm (HOPEFULLY) done with the test and with some money so then I can buy some christmaspresents, and hopefully something for myself. Today I ended early on school, so I dragged my boyfriend around in the city to look for things I really want but really can't have. And what I found was shoes (of course) and a dress that I really want for christmas. But I don't know when to use it other than on christmas eve, haha. Oh well, it's me. I'll always find a way to use a dress more than once. That reminds me to begin using my black ebay-lolita-dress more! Maybe tomorrow? If I'll just have some "normal" assecories, the alfit wont be so dammed dressed up? I'll have to check it out tonight, I think. GOD, I have to talk to my mother about buying a christmas-alfit! We all need a nice alfit for christmas, and what is better than perfect, red shoes and a really hot dress? Not such a bad price for it either! Oh, now, I'm just babling here because I want it so bad!

Why can't I just be rich! Have an unknown granduncle with a really big heritage or something?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

...So yeah, I just felt like posting some pictures of people that inspire me. Either it is just fashion and style or if it is photographies. Here are some:

Susie Bubble: The cutest girl with the coolest style. I watch her blog on almost a daily basis! If you haven't heard of her, then go check her out!

Peaches Geldof: I wrote about her just some hours ago, but hell, I'll just post some more pictures of this awesome girl!

Random Fashion photos:

Not much of a fashion photo, but worth mentioning anyway:

Calvin Harris: Cool guy with loads of cool alfits (He likes... colours)

Paradise Kiss: An anime about a fashion label (love story, cute, i love it)

Pictures I don't know who took:

Peaches Geldof and snow!

Well, she's been my fashion muse for some years now, but I never really found that many pictures of her until now (Then again I must admit I haven't been looking every day either). "Why is she your fashion muse if you haven't seen that much pictures of her?" you may ask. It's quite simple. The little things I've seen of her has made me hooked and made me want to do the same with my own style. She's cute, right?

The snow are really suffocating me right now. Too damn much! I just want to walk in high heels and cute clothes, but nooo way if that's possible. Welcome to Norway!

I want a gray, big sweater like one I saw on a girl in London, but I can't find ANYTHING similar to it! It is really annoying... I just have to find it! And I won't stop until I do!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Fun times!

Today I'm gonna draw and paint a lot! Me and my friends found out we wanted to do a "drawing-night" where we just draw all evening long! I'm gonna try a bit more on my graphic tablet (which I got from a NICE friend of mine) and maybe work a bit more on a new picture I'm drawing. I'll try to do some prosessing for a new photoshoot. Since I need a good portifolio to get in to some good schools, then I just have to start someplace, and drawing is a good starter.I also got myself a new phone yesterday! I love it! It is a LG KS360 and I love it because it is something very few others have (at least I haven't seen anyone with a QWERTY-phone before in real life). So now I'm texting my ass off all day long, hehe. And I feel like one of them cool girls on TV which always text on a QWERTY-phone!
I want so bad to take a underwear-photoshoot with a sensual theme (NOT sexual!!) with light and soft lighting, but I think it is so hard to make the light right! I'm so used with taking pictures with "hard" lighting like very much shadow and highlighting and so on. But now I'm trying to do the complete opposite, and it's really hard! Also it's hard to make a picture with nudity (or at least very close to nudity) good without stepping over to something similar to pornographic or sexy. I want none of that in my pictures, you see.
And speaking of which, I just had a photoshoot where I were the model! Haha, incredible, but true! My friend, Victoria and I both like taking pictures, so we made a plan a long time ago that I were her model one day and she was my model another day. She were modelling for me before summer, so now it was my turn to do the hard job at looking pretty in front of a lence (in her case, a BIG lence- yes I DO envy her and want to have one on my own). The result turned out pretty well, actually. Amazingly enough, hahaha.

Monday, 3 November 2008


Well yeah, now it's getting cold. Though today was okay. That's why I "pampered" myself with some nice clothing to wear. I, for once, wore my (fake)fur coat/west and some scottish checked thights with boots. I tried to take picture of it with my mobile today when I got home, but it was rather difficult because of the lack of light in the hallway.

When it is this time of year, and the cold are coming on quite fast, I begin searching for warm clothing, and today I came over a dress that looked suspisious alike a dress from Stella McCartney's autumn07-collection! And since I don't have money to pay for a original Stella McCartney-piece, this dress from seems like a good substitute. So now I'm just saving up some money to buy it (though it will take some time without a proper job and with loads of other outcomes).
I also found this cute skirt at Gina Tricot one day, and I got such a Carrie-feeling when looking at it that I just HAD to try it on even though I knew i didn't have any money to buy it for... That sucks... But I'm just comforting myelf with the thought of me one day becoming the greatest fashion photographer that makes BILLIONS of pounds a day and can buy myself loads of clothes! Oh yeah!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

London, Shoes and Education

Ohmy, it's a while since my last blogging, but now I'm back! The trip to London was absolutely the best trip I've done in my life, and I'm not even exaggerating! It was crowded, noisy and busy, and JUST what I love! My eyes didn't rest until I was back at my hotel, because I always saw something or someone that was over the top or had a style WAY beyond the Norwegian styles back home. The first day I were there, I came across the most beautiful girl/woman I've ever seen! I am not a lesbian, but that was a girl I envy for the stunning look and style. I wanted to go and ask for a picture of her to put on here on my blog, but I were (OF COURSE) afraid to ask... Other than that random girl, there were a lot of other stylish people to look at. Both girls and boys. I also saw the school that I want to go to next year, the London College of Fashion, and experiencing the city for the first time didn't really make my wanting less strong. The downside of it, is my loan that will be on about 400 000NOK (it's much money... Way too much money) and I don't know if I want to give myself that big of a loan this early in life. But then again I don't have ANY other idea of what to do next year, so I'm in a bit of a mess right now. I really don't know what to do...

I love them, and I think that if you have been reading my blog you would know so by now too! Well, when I was in London I bought only two pair of shoes (my mum denied me to buy more) but I took picture of someones that I really wantet to buy. Unfortunately they were out of my size for those I really wanted to buy, so then I took some other (they're blue with white stripes and pink stars). The shoebrand I fell in love with, is called Irregular Choice Shoes ( and the style of the shoes are very fairytale-like and not what you normally see in shoedesign. And because I'm a person that hates the word "normal" it was love at first sight. The other pair I bought, was a pair from a vintage-store in Camden Market. They're just black and... uhm.. vintage, haha, and people tell me that they're very much alike those shoes I got from my boyfriend (check out what I wrote about last time), but I absolutely refuse (though it MIGHT be true)! The more shoes the better!

...BUT! Now it's November, and with november, the snow and cold comes. I absolutely hate the winter because I can't walk in my finest clothes and shoes and I have to cover myself in twentyfour woolen sweaters and thirty trousers to be at least somewhat close to warm. So from last week on I declaired myself as "sleeping" (like the bairs do in the winter-don't know the english frase for it) until the spring. Unfortunately there won't mbe much fashion-inspired clothes on me unless it's made of wool or fur (I'd prefer fake fur though). Speaking of which, I'd REALLY like to get myself a fur-coat just like Carrie in sex and the city has! It's so good and warm and still it looks fabolous. But I must say that I'm against using real animal-fur though. Fake is just as good as real and it does that it's supposed to do. Making you warm!
But that's all for today and hopefully you'll hear from me soon again. Love from me!