Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Elle Muliarchyk

Yesterday, when watching Fashion TV (again) I came over an interview with a photographer out of the ordinary!
She's the kind of girl that likes dangerous shoots, and has been both muggled and arrested by the police for taking her pictures! And they are absolutely stunning! She used to be a model, but didn't like that she couldn't show her imagination and skills, since a model is supposed to be a manequin and not come up with ideas for herself and so on. So she started taking pictures of herself in dressingrooms of expensive clothing shops and out in parks in the middle of the night. Amazing how much she puts into so little! I am really amazed... Yes.

What I'm really wondering is, how she makes it so good in such little time and space. AND without people noticing (even though she has been caught a few times). She is really inspiring, even though I wouldn't even DARE to think in those directions myself!

(P.S. This picture is my favourite, without doubt!)

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