Wednesday, 24 September 2008

London here I come!

Okay, so now it's like... four days left until I'm on the plane to London! I CAN'T WAIT! I want to be there now and stay there for ever! But before I go, I have a lot on my mind. For example, what to wear and what shoes to bring and how many extra bags I need to bring all the shoped stuff back to Norway, and of course last but not least: Check out where the best place to shop is, so I don't have to use all my time looking through stupid shops.

So in that case, I checked out all my shoes (pretty shoes, not sneakers etc) and lined them up in my room to see what it is that I got. And it was actually a surprise! I didn't know that I had that many! Hehe, even though I feel it is a bit to little when you think about the fact that I use different shoes every day. But hopefully the load will get bigger after being in London for almost a week.

This friday, me and my boyfriend are celebrating our 6 months-anniversary! But because I have a lot to think about because of the trip, we decided to take the celebrating last saturday. And guess what I got!!!! YES, another pair of SHOES! I'm so happy! I want to wear them every day, but I can't since I'm not used with platforms and since they're one size too big. I'm going to fix that tomorrow though, cause I can't NOT wear them! They're so adorable and sexy at the same time, and I'm just flying around when wearing them (though I also tremble a bit).

BTW, I'm thinking of taking some pics with my FEET in these shoes, but it won't be tonight...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

"I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, taking pictures of your feet."

Just putting out some pictures which I don't know where to put elsewhere...

(p.s. quote from "Lost in translation")

Oh, how I miss the summer!

Sunday, 14 September 2008


Yes, I must admit I'm pretty frustrated right now! You see, as I've written earlier on this blog, I've bought myself some nice boots for a big prize. I'm not so rich, so 1200NOK (about $209) is a lot of money for me. So, on monday, when waiting for my bus to arrive, I were walking around at the local mall, looking for things I do NOT have money to buy for (I've just payed for my drivers license, so I'm as broke as you can get it). And when I got to the same shoeshop as I bought my boots, I saw ANOTHER PAIR which was EVEN PRETTYER FOR LESS PRIZE! I'm so sad! And now I don't have money to buy it, PLUS my mother would kill me if she saw me with another pair of shoes. Haha, I'm so hopeless when it comes to shoes.

I'm going to London soon though! So I'm really looking forward to that. My mother gave me this guidebook on what to do in London and stuff, and I've found myself a route on which streets to shop in. I can't wait! Only two weeks now. And, when arriving on Sunday 28th, I'll go straight to the Design Museum in London, to see the Tim Walker exhibition. I love that man and has his (BIG) book which I look in oh too often, haha. ...I wish I could have some more money for the trip though.
Other than that, I'm starting to get a bit interested in makeup. It's a bit strange, since I've always been so careless when it comes to makeup and do rarely wear anything at all. But these last weeks I've been experimenting a bit and, of course, used a whole lot longer time on the bathroom each morning. But it's okay, since I feel so much better afterwards. One thing I've started to do, is wear a lipstick that is not so colourfull. It just makes my lips a touch more darker so they look more kissable (or something like that, haha). I got that "idea" from the movie "Lost in translation" which noone seems to like but me! And I don't get it, since it is one of the best movies I've ever seen!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Elle Muliarchyk

Yesterday, when watching Fashion TV (again) I came over an interview with a photographer out of the ordinary!
She's the kind of girl that likes dangerous shoots, and has been both muggled and arrested by the police for taking her pictures! And they are absolutely stunning! She used to be a model, but didn't like that she couldn't show her imagination and skills, since a model is supposed to be a manequin and not come up with ideas for herself and so on. So she started taking pictures of herself in dressingrooms of expensive clothing shops and out in parks in the middle of the night. Amazing how much she puts into so little! I am really amazed... Yes.

What I'm really wondering is, how she makes it so good in such little time and space. AND without people noticing (even though she has been caught a few times). She is really inspiring, even though I wouldn't even DARE to think in those directions myself!

(P.S. This picture is my favourite, without doubt!)