Saturday, 16 August 2008


So now I've looked through my newest clothes, and tried out different combinations and had some pictures taken. But I don't know what to do with the pictures! Haha!

So I figured I'll just post them here.

I bought a new dress at Gina Tricot two days ago, and when I was paying, I saw a cute "hat" (don't know what to call it) for just 15NOK! (about $ 2,76) So then I had to buy that too of course.

I still love my stiletto shoes and wear them almost every day. They're the big thing this fall when it comes to shoes, so I then I have another reason to wear them! It seems that high shoes in general are quite popular this season. I see Stella McCartney have some high ones (I have completely forgotten what they're called in english. I only remember te norwegian word) and I must say that she doesn't disappoint this season either! It might be a bit darker then what I'm used to from her, but she really know how to make comfortable clothes that makes a woman look feminine! Amazing!

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