Saturday, 2 August 2008

...Stay Tuned...

Now, I'm sitting here, waiting for Fashion Television to come on TV. It starts 2:30 AM and that is still an hour to... I just have nothing to do and nothing to watch 'till then! Well, so, that's why I'm writing shit here.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a shopaholic. When I'm out, I do all I can to "accidentaly" end up in some random shop and when I'm home, I scan and and I'M UNSTOPABLE! What I should do, is to stop working! Then I don't have any money to spend. It was the best alternative I could come up with, even though I know it's pretty far out. But I'm trying to make a rule now, that when the school starts, I'll stop spending and only save up for education and London. You see, I have this plan about moving to London next year and study fashion photography! It is for me the only option for my future. I have no other plans, and I do not want to think about anything else either. My life is in fashion photographies, so if it then leads to me leaving the ones I love to study, then let it be.

...Maybe a bit too much there, but it is the truth though...

I really need some billions... Wanna give me?

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