Saturday, 16 August 2008


So now I've looked through my newest clothes, and tried out different combinations and had some pictures taken. But I don't know what to do with the pictures! Haha!

So I figured I'll just post them here.

I bought a new dress at Gina Tricot two days ago, and when I was paying, I saw a cute "hat" (don't know what to call it) for just 15NOK! (about $ 2,76) So then I had to buy that too of course.

I still love my stiletto shoes and wear them almost every day. They're the big thing this fall when it comes to shoes, so I then I have another reason to wear them! It seems that high shoes in general are quite popular this season. I see Stella McCartney have some high ones (I have completely forgotten what they're called in english. I only remember te norwegian word) and I must say that she doesn't disappoint this season either! It might be a bit darker then what I'm used to from her, but she really know how to make comfortable clothes that makes a woman look feminine! Amazing!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Stupid dresses and killer shoes

I've just recieved the black ebay-dress and it is absolutely beautiful! I love it! ...But.

Beacuse it was bought from some cheap chinese company, the quality of it was quite bad. After five minutes, the seam sprung up, so I do definitely have to resew the whole damn thing... One other thing was that the dress was not up to a (european) size 40, as said on ebay, cause my breasts and arms were a bit too big for it. Oh well, it's beautiful though. And cheap.

So to regain complete happiness, I bought another dress today at a shop were I could try it on and see wether or not the quality was good and bad. But this is what you have to think about when bying cheap things from ebay. Not everything is as good as it seems.

When it comes to shoes, my mother has been in Ireland and bought me some really killer high heels! Honestly, they're really hot! And while she was there, I bought some boots at home here in Norway, so now I've got two pair of shoes in two days! I love it!

I've also found out the reason for why it's called "killer" shoes. They really do kill my feet. But I love it. And I want more!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

...Stay Tuned...

Now, I'm sitting here, waiting for Fashion Television to come on TV. It starts 2:30 AM and that is still an hour to... I just have nothing to do and nothing to watch 'till then! Well, so, that's why I'm writing shit here.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a shopaholic. When I'm out, I do all I can to "accidentaly" end up in some random shop and when I'm home, I scan and and I'M UNSTOPABLE! What I should do, is to stop working! Then I don't have any money to spend. It was the best alternative I could come up with, even though I know it's pretty far out. But I'm trying to make a rule now, that when the school starts, I'll stop spending and only save up for education and London. You see, I have this plan about moving to London next year and study fashion photography! It is for me the only option for my future. I have no other plans, and I do not want to think about anything else either. My life is in fashion photographies, so if it then leads to me leaving the ones I love to study, then let it be.

...Maybe a bit too much there, but it is the truth though...

I really need some billions... Wanna give me?