Sunday, 27 July 2008

Street fashion, Lolita and Ebay

I'm sitting here, thinking about street fashion. What is it really that makes a person good in street fashion? What makes that person so special? I've been looking at a lot of street fashion magazines and websites and the clothes look so alike! It's those with a lot of colours and a bit of "80's" twist of it. I personally think it's kinda boring. One or two examples are fun to watch, but a whole magazine with ONLY that kind of style? Now, I may get this impression because I read norwegian magazines and websites, and they tend to get pretty narrow-sighted when it comes to fashion in general, but honestly! This is why I want to move to a foreign country as soon as possible, so I can get some real inspiration from people.
But over to something else!
I'm HOOKED on ebay these days! It's like I found it for real this time. And in the same time, I'm pretty hooked on that japanese Lolita-style, so you can imagine my wallet getting thinner. For those who doesn't know what Lolita is, then I can inform you that it is a style from japan where girls dress up in victorian dresses and look really cute! It's sort of gothic, and you have to be pretty brave to actually walk in stuff like that (I wish I could be). I'm not taking the big step and wears the big dresses and stuff, but I have bought some cute dresses though. I just can't wait for them to arrive! One thing is that ebay is good for when I'm getting clothes that are hard to get elsewhere (like those Lolita-clothes) but one other thing for why i love ebay so much, is because the clothes i buy is one-of-a-kind! Of course, some are from a larger stock, but not many from Norway has it, and I love it! The worst thing I know, is when somebody likes my clothes, finds out where I've bought it, and then wears it every day. I hate it! It is not fun to wear that alfit again, cause somebody else has taken it. I actually were about to change my dress because of that... But I didn't though.

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